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Freshmen Research Seminar: Module Five - Website Citation & Source Evaluation


Module 5

Website Citation and Source Evaluation

Module 5 Scoring


Google News Search - 100

Website Citation - 150

factitious: Source Evaluation and Screenshot - 50

Part A - Google News Search

Follow the directions in the tutorial to search Google News for a recent article on your topic.  Once you have found one, move on to Part B to cite the article.  Tutorial also available on Google Drive

Part B - Citing a Website

Citing a website can be tricky!  What I like about most Google News results is that it often gives you most of the information you need.  Take your time watching the tutorial and pause often as I complete the steps.  Also available on Google Drive

Part C - Screenshots

You will need to take a screenshot of your final score for the part below and share with me.  If you are not sure how to do that please watch this tutorial.  Apologies in advance for the recording - I couldn't do it on my regular computer! 

Part D - facitious

Let's play factitious, a source evaluation game, but before you do, some simple rules...

  • 1. Scan the article
    2. Swipe to the right if you think it’s a real story
    3. Swipe to the left if you think it’s fake
    4.  Reveal the source by going to the bottom of the article
    Some tips to score high:
  • - Read enough of the article until you’ve figured it out, then swipe. Faster choices earn a small time bonus.
    - If you need to read to the end of the article to figure it out, you’ll get a small bonus for your reading.
    - Reading too quickly, swiping, and being wrong will cost you points. Read enough so you know.
    - Click the Show Answer button to view the article’s source — who wrote and posted it. This often provides a helpful hint for real and fake articles.

Part E - Share a screenshot

Please share a screenshot of your score -