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Freshmen Research Seminar: Module Three - Copy and Paste Citations


Module Three Scoring

Part A - 100 points

Part B - 100 points

Part C - 100 points

Part D - 200 points

Module Three

In Module Two the databases you explored allowed you to export citations to NT.

In this Module the databases you explore will require that you copy and paste citations into NT.

Part A: World at War, Popular Culture, Daily Life, African American Experience

These history databases provide often provide a bit more depth on topics.  Select one to search for this part from the library database page.

Part B: Culturegrams

Part C: ImageQuest

On your own for Part C! 

  • Use the ImageQuest database to find a relevant picture. 
  • Citations can be found underneath the image you expand as shown below.  
  • Copy and paste the citation into NT. 

Part D: Works CIted

You will now create a MLA formatted Works Cited page with the six citations you have added to your NT project folder. 

Part E - For fun - what do you prefer...

What do you prefer to use for adding database citations to NoodleTools.  Take the one question poll below!

Copy and Paste: 70 votes (47.62%)
Export: 77 votes (52.38%)
Total Votes: 147