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Talbott - Renaissance News: MLA Checklist

Formatting Checklist

You can use Noodletools to format a Works Cited page and it will take care of most of the formatting requirements below.  You can also create your own Works Cited page and use the checklist below to make sure you follow the guidelines. 


MLA Works Cited Requirements

______ Header = last name and final page number, right justified

______   Title = Works Cited

  • Centered
  • One inch from top of page
  • W and C are capitalized
  • Font is not bold, underlined, etc.

_____        All font = 12 point Times New Roman

_____        Citations are in alphabetical order

_____        Lines are double-spaced

_____         One-inch margins on all sides

_____        Citations include all required information and follow formatting guidelines

_____        Citations have hanging indents if more than one line.