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Luther's Passion - Global Studies: Getting Started

How to use this project guide

Project Agenda

  • Friday: Focus on identifying a topic and conducting research
  • Weekend: Watch tutorials and start working on your VoiceThread 
  • Monday: Complete VoiceThread

This guide is intended to help direct you to resources and provide support during your use of an online technology tool.  

Academic Databases:

  • Opposing Viewpoints - this database covers a wide variety of issues, the articles under the Viewpoints are typically pro/con based
  • ImageQuest -  it is critical, that as a good digital citizen, you have permission to re-use images especially when creating online products.  This database is designed specifically for that purpose as well as providing you with the MLA citations. 
  • Academic Database Passwords

MLA Works Cited

All students have access to NoodleTools to help create citations and Works Cited pages that follow MLA requirements.  Use the tutorials and checklist to make sure you meet this requirement.

Ms. Hopkins Sample Voicethread

Ms. Hopkins strongly believes everyone can compost!  Watch her sample VT and learn about it.