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Luther's Passion - Global Studies: Voicethread Tutorials

How will you share your passion?

Questions to Ponder... Tutorials Found Below
  1. What type of visual will you have?
  2. Do you want to include a short video?
  3. Do you want to have a small amount of text with your image? 

1 - Activate your School VT Account

2 - Create a VT and add images from Drive

3 - Comment on your VT and share to class site

Remember or things to think about/be aware of...

1) Any image must be eligible for re-use.  You can create your own like Ms. Hopkins did or you can use the ImageQuest database.  All images in this database are cleared for educational re-use.  Recommended - Find a good one and download it to your drive. 


2) If you are making your own video or taking your own pictures think about getting the Google Drive app so you can upload them directly to your school drive.  Make sure all software is up to date or you may have issues with your file types - especially if you have an iPhone.  

1) Create your School Account

Contact if you run into issues but be very specific!  A screenshot of any error message, information on what type of computer you are using, etc. 

There are two steps to creating your account: 1) create your account 2) join your class group by clicking on the relevant link below.

1) Link to create a school sponsored account

Step 2: 

Carney Core 1

Whittle Core 2

Whittle Core 4

VT app

Search your app store the Voicethread app.  Note - Ms. Hopkins sometimes finds the app a bit glitchy but she has used it to succcesfully create a VoiceThread.  

2) Adding Images/Media from Google Drive

This tutorial demonstrates how I add a Google slide and a Jpeg to create my VoiceThread.

3- Comment and how to share with the class