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Copyright and Fair Use Guidelines for Students at SHS: Examples

Cite Your Own Images

Consider creating your own photos using your device.  It is also possible to scan any drawings you have created in the library and make jpegs (picture files). 

Even though I did not post that this image is under copyright you must assume you do not have permission to use it because I have not provided any information on re-use.  I provided a simple MLA citation so my reader knows I am not violating copyright.

Hopkins, Rachel.  Dilly the Dog Goes Skiing. 18 Mar. 2018.

ImageQuest Database

This is an example of an image I used from ImageQuest.  All images in this database have been cleared for educational re-use.  I make sure that my MLA citation is clearly associated with the image so that my reader sees that I gave credit and have permission to re-use it. 


Computer-generated Julia fractal. Photograph. Britannica ImageQuest, Encyclopædia Britannica, 25 May 2016. Accessed 18 Oct 2018.

WikiMedia Commons

This is an example of an image I found on WikiMedia Commons.  The author placed it under a Creative Common's license so I know how I can re-use it.  My MLA citation provides credit/attribution and leads the reader back to the original source. 


Magicpiano.  File:SalemNH HighSchool.jpg. WikiMeddia Commons, Accessed 18 Oct. 2018.