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Salem Data Privacy: Staff Resources

Request New Applications, Tools, or Services

Digital Resource Acquisition and Use

The purpose of the Digital Resource Acquisition and Use process is:

  • Adherence to district, state and federal laws and policies
  • Alignment with district curriculum and administrative goals

Digital resources that are not approved or have not yet been reviewed are not allowed to be used by members of the district.

New Resource Acquisition

Employees must adhere to the following guidelines regarding digital resource acquisition. This includes, but is not limited to, any site or tool that a student or employee uses where they may be creating content online and/or that requires user login.

  1. Confer with one of the District Technology Integrators (for academic resources) or the CIO (for administrative resources) to help evaluate the need. There may be an existing tool or resource that can be used or there may be a simple change in process that can accommodate the need.
  2. Complete the online request form in the Staff Resources section of the District’s Student and Employee Data Privacy website.

Once the online form is completed:

  1. The appropriate Curriculum or Administrative Director will review the request to ensure alignment with District learning or administrative objectives.
  2. If approved by the Director, a database will be queried to see if the resource was previously vetted for NH State compliance. If yes, we will move forward with the acquisition. If not, then the request will be forwarded to legal counsel for review to ensure regulatory compliance.


Online Request Form

Request a new digital application, tool, or service. (Coming soon.)

District Digital Resources

To meet regulatory requirements and to provide an online inventory, a list of approved digital resources will be maintained on the District’s Student and Employee Data Privacy website. 

Digital Resource Licensing/Use

Digital resources licensed or purchased for district use are the property of the District and shall not be copied or shared with others outside of the District without prior approval. District members must adhere to the following guidelines regarding digital resource licensing/use:

  • Only approved district resources can be used.
  • Software installed on District systems or services used will have a current license/contract on file in the Technology or Business Office or will be removed from service.
  • Employees cannot act as a parental agent when creating student accounts for online resources. Resources requiring this permission must be approved by the CIO or designee.