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Christesen: White Day

Course Description

Physics is a comprehensive course that studies the motion, behavior, energy, and interactions of matter through space and time. The main goal of physics is to understand how the world and the universe behave, with a focus on real-world concepts and applied problem-solving strategies. Physics is AWESOME.

Physics Course Competencies

Competency 1: Science and Engineering Practices Students will understand how scientists work and that scientific knowledge develops by engaging in the practices of science.

Competency 2: Forces and Force Interactions Students will understand that interactions between any two objects can cause changes in one or both of the objects, and that the forces between the objects arise from a variety of interactions: including but not limited to gravitational, electrical, and magnetic fields.

Competency 3: Energy Students will understand that interactions between objects and/or objects within gravitational, electric or magnetic fields can be predicted and explained using the concepts of energy transfer and conversion from one object or system of objects to another.

Competency 4: Waves and Wave Applications Students will understand the principles of wave behavior and wave interactions with matter to capture, carry, transmit, and transfer information and energy without overall displacement of matter.



Chapter 5 Summative next week!

WHITE DAY Summative on Thursday 3/12

BLUE DAY Summative on Friday 3/13

Student Gallery


HW: Work on Chapter 5 Summative Review


Extra Help

Extra help will be held in Room C557. This week's extra help schedule is:

Morning drop-in Monday - Friday 6:45-7:15

Monday after school




Science Teacher