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Talbott 2020-21: Start Here

Social Studies Teacher Beth Talbott

Pep Talk


Returning to School


Upcoming dates:

Wednesday February 10 - Delayed Opening

February 20- February 28- Vacation






For all of my classes I ask that students have the following supplies:

This will be a bit different this year since I am teaching and you are learning remotely.

1. Make sure your Chrome Book is ready to go. Charged or plugged so that it does not die in the middle of a class. 

2. Find a place that you can set up as a quiet place to do schoolwork. It can be a table or desk. It should be a place that you can concentrate on class and will not be too distracted.

3. Come to class ready to learn.

4. Be respectful to others - teachers, classmates, and other adults in the class.

5. If you need help, ask for it. Send and email, chat message in Zoom, or a message in Remind.