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Technology Tips: Monthly Newsletters: October 2019

Additional Teacher Resources

For more information about the online resources available in the Salem School District, visit the Technology Resources page for Teachers.

Google Classroom: "New" Student View

Help! I can't find the assignment! When is it due?

Keep your students organized!

Missing assignments? Endless questions of when work is due? Find out how to use these "hidden features" of Google Classroom to keep you and your students organized. Watch the video to learn more.

  1. Topic: Tag each post in your Classwork tab with a topic to group and organize assignments
  2. Due Date: When creating an assignment, be sure to give it a Due date so it will be added to the Assignment Calendar
  3. Assignment Calendar: You and your students can find all assignments for all classes in one calendar view
  4. To-do: Teachers and students can use the To-do list to track all outstanding assignments not reviewed while students can use the To-do as a work list of all assignments in Google Classroom

WeVideo: Digital Storytelling

WeVideo in the Classroom

WeVideo is a powerful movie maker application that can be used for an endless number of projects.  Salem classroom teachers have used it for stop-motion, project presentations, and creative storytelling.

To utilize WeVideo in your classroom, see your school librarian (Rachel or Lori) and reserve license seats for your project.  If you would like assistance with planning, student work in the classroom, or a Google Classroom connection, contact Eric or Amy to schedule time.

Watch the videos for:

  • An overview of WeVideo
  • A new Digital Storytelling Toolkit, which can be obtained here
  • Basic Instructions for getting started and creating a movie/video