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Technology Tips: Monthly Newsletters: January 2020

Properly Manage SSD and Personal Google Accounts

Windows 10 Tips

As you begin to operate with your new Windows 10 upgrade, there may be some functional questions that arise.  Refer to the help document below for FAQs.  Please reach out to IT with further questions.

Google Classroom: Staying Organized

With so many of us using Google Classroom, it can be confusing for students to manage all class materials. It is important that we ALL follow consistent naming conventions when using Google Classroom. Whether it is a class name, materials, or an assignment, following these tips will help students to find exactly what they need as they move between "Classrooms".

Additional Teacher Resources

Did you know that the Salem School District has paid subscriptions to the following tools?

  • Screencastify
  • Read and Write
  • Kami
  • BrainPop and BrainPop Jr.

For help guides and tutorials about these online resources and additional tools available, visit the Technology Resources page for Teachers.