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Technology Tips: Monthly Newsletters: February 2020

Typing Agent: My student is finished.... Now what?

Add Typing Agent Lessons

When a student completes either of the Keyboarding Foundations curriculums, you can add lessons for students to continue practicing their keyboarding skills. Watch the video to learn how!

**NEW** Insert Audio in Google Slides

Frontline Access

If you can access Frontline services, My Learning Plan and Aesop, from your district issued laptop, but you cannot from your mobile device, it is most likely that you are logged into a personal Google or Gmail account on your device.

The SSD uses Single Sign On through Google to access all Frontline services. This requires that you must be signed into your SSD Google Account. Click on the tabs for video directions to learn how to properly access and log into Frontline from your Laptop/Computer and/or Mobile Device.

** NOTE: The Frontline App (IOS and Android) ONLY gains access to AESOP. You will NOT be able to access MLP from the Frontline App. To access all Frontline services from your mobile device, use the link provided at: