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Copy of Christesen: Math/Science Lab


The purpose of this lab is to provide students with time during the school day for academic and executive functioning skill support with the goal of improving performance in the classroom. 

Student Expectations

(1) You will set daily individual goals for the use of your time and record these goals.

(2) You will work towards achieving your daily goals. These goals may include:

  • Completing homework individually or collaboratively with peers
  • Getting content assistance from the managed time teacher
  • Making up an assessment if agreed upon by both content and managed time teachers
  • Going to a pre-schedule appointment with a guidance counselor or another teacher. You must have prior arrangements with another teacher in order to leave managed time.
  • Other academic pursuits (independent reading, College Board, Naviance, college/career research, etc)

(3) At the conclusion of the block, you will reflect on the use of your time and progress towards your goal.

Behavior Expectations

  • Be respectful – Be mindful that students have selected to take this managed time to achieve various goals. This means that each day you will need to be respectful of your peers and the work they are trying to achieve. All school rules still apply during managed time. See student handbook for more information. Deans will be contacted if necessary.
  • Be productive – Each day enter your lab understanding this is a time for you to achieve the goals you feel are important. Your lab teachers are here to support you, but only you know what you need to be successful. Teachers understand that the use of cell phones may be necessary in achieving the goals you create. However, cell phone use is at teacher discretion. Additionally, time out of the classroom should be minimized to allow you to best achieve your goals.
  • Be prepared – Please do your best to get to lab on time and have all materials you will need to complete your goals for the day. If you plan to use this time to meet with another teacher, be sure to already have your pass ready to go.

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