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Exploring Genres: Biography

What is Biography?

Biography: The story of someone's life written by a different author

Autobiography: The story of someone's life written by that person

Memoir: A collection of memories that someone writes about their own life; may be from just a short period in their life.

Databases that have Biographies


Click on Storytime with Brad to listen to the author read some of his books!
If you like this series, click on this book: 

If you like the Who Was series, click on this book: 

Click HERE if you there is a biography you would like to ask the library to get.


Biographies can be about historical figures, athletes, politicians, scientists, celebrities, educators, and regular everyday people.  What do they have in common? They all have a story to tell that may interest and inspire you.  Check a biography out today!

Click HERE for a list of Mrs. Smeltzer's favorites.

In our library

Here's some examples of different biographies you can find in the library.  Most are in the biography section, but athletes are in the sports section with their related sport. Look up people you want to read about in the Library Catalog and put them on hold today!