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Team 9: Welcome to Fifth Grade!


ST Math: Students are held accountable to complete ST Math cones aligned to each mathematics module. Students may only take an ST Math quiz at school, as they are expected to record the quiz in their recording sheet packet which is stored in their math folder in their desk. If a student gets to a quiz at home, they may "play the green" (previous games) or do 10 minutes of fluency practice.

Eureka Math: Homework pages will be assigned on some (but not all) school nights. Create a Eureka account for parent tip sheets and other resources here!

Reading: Students are invited to read or listen to any text they would like to count towards their 40-book challenge. Engaging with an interesting and appropriately challenging text for about a 20 minutes every night is intended to support a life-long culture of literacy through enjoyment.

Morning Study Halls: Students may come to school early for a "study hall" on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays starting at 8:15. They must stop by the office and ask permission to come upstairs first. Students will have access to their devices then. Please note: this is independent working time and while a teacher will be in the classroom, students will not be offered coaching.

Absences: Attendance is essential for most of the work we do in fifth grade. If you know your child will be absent and would like to request work, please send me an email so I can prepare work to be sent home. If your student is absent and you would like to request that work, please email me or call the office before 11:40 that day so I have time to gather needed materials. Please know I will use discretion in sending work home because so much of the fifth grade curriculum is dependent on in class learning. Students are allowed five days to complete and submit missed work.

Birthday Treats & Parties

Birthdays: Birthdays are the best days of the year and Team 9 is happy to celebrate! If you would like to bring in a small treat to celebrate your child’s special day, you are more than welcome. Please drop off treats in the main office in the morning so they can be checked by the nurse.

Parties: Fifth grade families are welcome to celebrate with us! Team 9 celebrates Halloween with the Lancaster parade and a classroom party. Before holiday break, we celebrate with an inclusive holiday party. For Valentine's day, fifth graders participate in an activity called Snowball Math. Families are welcome to donate a small treat or healthy snack to one of the three events -- keep an eye out for sign ups!

Class Schedule

Monday Tuesday Wednesday, Thursday, & Friday
8:45 Morning Routine 8:45 Morning Routine 8:45 Morning Routine
9:00 Content 9:00 Content 9:00 Content
10:00 Literacy Workshops 10:00 Literacy Workshops 10:00 Mathematics
--- --- 10:15 Special
--- --- 10:55 Mathematics (cont'd)
11:40 Lunch & Recess 11:40 Lunch & Recess 11:40 Lunch & Recess
12:25 Success Block 12:25 Success Block 12:25 Success Block
12:55 Mathematics 12:55 Mathematics 12:55 Literacy Workshops
2:00 Chorus 2:15 Special ---
2:50 Afternoon Routine 2:55 Afternoon Routine 2:50 Afternoon Routine

Snacks and Drinks: Students are invited to eat a healthy snack in the afternoons at about 1:00 pm. Please be sure to pack a healthy snack every day to fuel learning in our afternoon! Students are also welcome to have a water bottle with a screw top at their desk (please do not send in flavored water, sports drinks, etc.).


Scholastic Book Orders

There's nothing like giving the gift of reading! When you order books from our Scholastic Book Club, our class gets points that we can redeem for new books in our classroom library. It's easy as 1, 2, 3: 

  1. Go to our Book Club website.
  2. Sign in or create an account.
  3. Click: "Connect your child to this teacher."

Thanks for supporting our classroom culture of literacy!

Specials Schedule

Musical Mondays: Fifth graders at Lancaster start the week with Musical Mondays. Students may elect to participate in Band and Chorus, which both rehearse on Mondays. Students may also elect to join Strings, which rehearses on Fridays.

Teams 9A & 9B: For the rest of the week, Team 9 splits in half for specials. Team 9A joins Team 8 (Mrs. Rasheed) and Team 9B joins Team 10 (Miss Moser).

Day Team 8 & 9A Team 10 & 9B
Tuesday Music Library
Wednesday Art Music
Thursday P.E. Art
Friday Library P.E.

Lancaster School Resources

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