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Preston - Clouds: Assignment


In this assignment, you will primarily use your text book to research information on clouds; however a wide range of sources (and look your librarian has suggested a few right on this page!) is required to obtain full credit. Begin by answering the questions below to gain a general knowledge to create your product. Once you are finished researching, please use the program provided by the librarian to create a children’s pop-up book. You need a works cited page, so make sure to keep up with any resources you use other than your textbook.

Consult the research and presentation rubrics attached to understand how you will be graded on this assignment. It is worth a test grade, so do your best!

You should make your book at least 5 pages but no more than 10 and be creative! This is for children to read, so remember your audience. You need to take complicated material and break it down into easier pieces.

Questions to be addressed:

1)      What are clouds?

2)      How are clouds formed?

·         What is the curvature effect?

·         What are condensation nuclei?

3)      How are clouds classified? Be very specific, this has 4 parts.

4)      What types of clouds exist? What are their abbreviations?

5)      What are the shapes of clouds?

6)      What are some strange cloud types? For example (lenticular, contrails, mammatus, mackerel, etc.)

7)      What are clouds of vertical development?

8)      What is fog?

·         Types?

SHS Learning Expectations

This project meets the following school-wide learning expectations:

1. Use appropriate research strategies to find and evaluate information. 
2. Write for a variety of purposes and audiences. 
3. Create and deliver a presentation. 
4. Read, analyze, and apply information from a variety of written and other sources.