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Community Resource Guide: Home

This guide provides information and links to community resources that support mental health and wellness for students and families.

Community Resource Guide

This guide to Community Resources is meant to be a reference of contact information for all staff in supporting the needs of our families and students. The Salem School District does not endorse any one resource provided over another. Please contact a member of the Mental Health and Wellness Committee for additional questions or concerns regarding the Community Resource Guide. 

Regional Programs Services and Resources

Salem, NH Human Services 

Website with information for the Welfare office of the Town of Salem

Mental Health and Wellness Committee

The purpose of our team is to promote mental wellness and improve school culture by building awareness of the indicators of mental health concerns and intervening early with coordinated supports.

Team members include Maura Palmer, Meg Bentley, Nicole Burke, Christine Honey-Nadeau, Candice Schmitz, Susan Berthel, Natashia Moreau, Kristen Caredeo, Marisa Berlin, Robin Teuber, Alisha Lupi, Amy Patenaude

Mental Wellness – Children with positive regard for themselves, enjoy positive relationships with people important to them, and are generally resilient when faced with challenges at home and at school.

Mental Illness – Children impacted by thinking, emotions, and moods that interfere with their daily functioning at home and at school.



Promote mental wellness and combat stigma

Build awareness of indicators of mental health concerns

Intervene early with coordinated supports