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ASII Research Resources 2023-2024: Civil War

Civil War


The links below are specifically for the Honor's Comp primary source project.  All other students should look to start in the US History or Gale ebooks databases to get started.


A few of the e-books available in the Gale e-books database:

General Information a good first place to start when looking for primary sources.  Think of the DPLA as a one stop shopping place which will direct you to libraries, museums, archives that have digital collections.  

Tutorial: DPLA Search Tips

Some significant people/terms from the era that might lead to primary source materials:

  • Mathew Brady, photographer
  • Civil war leaders: William Tecumseh Sherman, Ulysses S. Grant, Robert E. Lee, Nathan Bedford Forest
  • United States Sanitary Commission Documents
  • Jefferson Davis
  • Mary Chestnut
  • Elijah (Elisha) Hunt Rhodes
  • George Templeton Strong 

Maps and Images

Battles of the Civil War

Digital Primary Sources