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COVID-19: Home

COVID-19 Coronavirus

The safety of our students and staff is our priority. We will provide regular updates and resources in an effort to help families reduce the risk in their home and community.

As I state in the letter, it likely will be the last weekly update. I'll send a message when we've been given a bit of clarity about the fall, and what requirements, if any, we'll be obligated to meet. I know many of you are anxious for students to return to opportunities to play with classmates, talk with their teachers and support staff routinely, and have normal and familiar experiences.

We never know what the future will hold, but usually we can prepare for what we expect. These days, uncertainty and limited clarity prevents us from developing reasonable expectations. Nonetheless, we can narrow the likelihood of different options, and we'll prepare for them. Hopefully, whatever comes will be better than we anticipate.

End of Year activites are approaching and planning has begun for fall 2020.

In the attached update you'll notice my strong support for ongoing restrictions and guidelines that promote individual safety and health. As Governor Sununu begins to open our economy and our state, it is as imperative as ever to exercise caution and practice appropriate social distancing. Please wear a mask when out in public places. We've seen a drop in virus cases primarily because we've all used caution. We cannot let down our guards now if we want to continue the reopening process. This will help everyone and help us make forward progress.

End of school year dates and activities.

Spring vacation begins Monday; End-of-year activities planned.

Unquestionably, we are living in an interesting time and under incredibly stressful circumstances. Regrettably, we will not return to a traditional school setting for this school year. Rather, we will remain with the current distance learning model. Not ideal, but this is the wise and safe choice.

Yesterday’s professional day was a success from all accounts. Administrators had opportunities to check in with all staff to ask about successes and concerns with the remote environment. Teachers and other professionals took time to identify priority content going forward, strategies that seem to work well with different developmental age groups, organization of time, length of teaching sessions, and more.

Superintendent Delahanty details some recent decisions around spring vacation, grading, and planned teacher work days.

We continue to confront these unfamiliar circumstances. Know that you're not alone in this. We need to keep our eyes on the end game and an eventual successful return to familiarity.

Food service orders will be accepted for pickup and delivery to families during Distance Learning.

Older Letters

Computers have been delivered to students, classrooms have been developed, and food service pickup and delivery is in place for the start of Distance Learning tomorrow, Thursday, March 19. We got this.

Online classrooms for the Salem School District will launch on Thursday, March 19.

Salem Schools are closed through April 3. District staff and teachers are preparing to continue instruction through Distance Learning.

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Many nearby and surrounding schools and school districts have made a decision to close operations due to COVID-19. State health and emergency management officials have not issued a requirement or recommendation to do so. The Salem School District will remain open unless or until we have guidance and direction from the New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services. We will continue to hold regularly scheduled activities such as clubs and sports practices that involve only our students and staff. All other events will be postponed or cancelled until further notice.

For the foreseeable future, all district-sponsored field trips, events, or educational gatherings planned for beyond the New Hampshire borders have been canceled.

I'm writing to address a rumor that a school district teacher has been tested for coronavirus, known as COVID-19. This simply isn’t true. During the February break, one of our district teachers visited the Veneto region of Italy and another visited Rome.

COVID-19 is a growing concern for all of us, but recommendations from health agencies, including the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and the New Hampshire Division of Public Health Services, emphasize prevention practices.  We will do this in our schools, and you can help by ensuring that symptomatic children remain home until they show no signs of a fever above 100.5 for at least 24 hours and by emphasizing good practices such as regular and routine hand washing.

Distance Learning

Planning is underway for a potential transition to distance learning, should it be necessary. School administrators, teachers, and staff are developing plans to deliver instruction via an online learning environment. We are hopeful that we will not need to implement these plans, but we are preparing for every possibility.



Health Resources & Guidance

Information is changing daily and we encourage families to stay up to date on information regarding COVID-19 to protect yourself and the community. We've provided school recommendations and links to CDC sources.



Frequently Asked Questions

We know there will be a lot of questions as the days unfold. We'll continue to provide up to date information in the form of questions and answers so that you have the information necessary to make informed decisions.