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Answers to Your Questions

This list of FAQs will expand as developments unfold . Please check back frequently.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Updated 3-15 (After school closure announcement)

The current guidance is to close schools through Monday, May 4. The situation will be re-evaluated at that time based on current conditions and recommendations from state officials.

All school activities other than distance learning classrooms are postponed or cancelled.

Distance Learning refers to conducting classes online or remotely from home. The school district will continue to provide instruction through online tools such as Google Classroom, Zoom, and Screencastify.

Salem School staff will spend several days preparing for remote learning the week of March 16. As of this date (March 15) there is no defined start to the remote learning sessions.

Plans are in progress to provide laptops or learning devices to students in need. More details will be forthcoming in the next few days.


Updated 3-13 (Prior to school closing)

We will continue to hold regularly scheduled activities such as clubs and sports practices that involve only our students and staff. All other events will be postponed or cancelled until further notice.

The high school's restaurant will be closed for all outside visitors. This is done for the safety and well-being of our students. We will be sure to announce when the restaurant re-opens for business.

Helath-related absences will be excused. This is an anxious time for our community, and we will not second guess decisions parents make for their children. We cannot guarantee daily continuity of instruction, but children will be permitted to make up work for credit.

Non-Salem School District events and activities held in the evenings or on weekends will be cancelled.


Updated 3-12

The district is not aware of any identified cases of the coronavirus within the student or staff population.

Please exercise proper handwashing as well as good coughing and sneezing hygiene. You can find additional information on the CDC website here...

Additional cleaning efforts continue both in the school district buildings and on school district buses as do our messages to students about good handwashing habits.

Please keep them home and contact your family physician.

For a variety of reasons -- many of our families rely on us throughout the week to provide supervision and meals, as well as attend to children’s learning needs. With these things in mind, we will continue with our preparations for potential closure and will work closely with local and state health officials with expertise in the risks of the virus to make those determinations.

We have not canceled any in-district events, and we will make decisions on out of district events on a day by day basis. We are cancelling all field trips that would take students out of the state for the remainder of the school year.

We are working to deliver a distance learning opportunity, and expect to have a plan shortly.

Please remain calm and reassuring and give them age-appropriate information. Try to limit overexposure to television news and social media. Additional information is available from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC),