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COVID-19: Free Meal Service

Free Meals for Children

Nutrition continuity during Distance Learning.

Food Distribution Plan - Order two days per week and receive two meals on Monday and three meals on Wednesday.


Review Food Service Safety Protocol Notice


Weekly Menu

Monday, June 8

  • Pasta and Meatballs
  • Ham and Cheese Sandwich

Wednesday, June 10 - final delivery date

  • Chicken Nugget/Tender Meal
  • Sunbutter and Jelly Meal
  • Pizza Meal

Children will receive one of each meal and each meal comes with breakfast, drinks (as available), veggies, and fruit.

To simplify the process, there will be no option to select meals.  Only one form needs to be completed for all children in your family twice per week.


Free Breakfast/Lunch Pickup

(Mondays and Wednesdays) 

We will be offering free weekday breakfast and lunch pickup for all children in Salem on Mondays and Wednesdays.  Mondays will include two breakfasts and two meals. Wednesdays will include three breakfasts and three meals. See box to the left for this week's meals.

Pre-ordered meals can be picked up at Fisk, Lancaster, Soule, and Woodbury from 11:00 – 11:20 am on Mondays and Wednesdays.  Pre-ordered meals can be picked up at Barron and North Salem from 10:50 - 11:00 am on Mondays and Wednesdays. 

A pickup order form will be available starting at 2:00 pm Monday and Wednesday afternoons. Forms need to be completed by 7:00 am on Monday and Wednesday for that day's pickup.  You may select the location most convenient for you to pick up meals for all children in your family.  


Order Pickup

Orders for the day close at
7:00 am Monday and Wednesday

Order form reopens at 2:00 pm
for the next pickup day.

Free Breakfast/Lunch Delivery

(Mondays and Wednesdays) 

If you are unable to get to a pickup site, pre-ordered meals can be delivered based on existing elementary bus routes (streets and estimated delivery time listed on the form). Mondays will include two meals and breakfasts. Wednesdays will include three meals and breakfasts.

Note -- Bus numbers may be different from your regular bus number as some routes needed to be consolidated.

Please complete a delivery order form for each child.  Times provided are estimates.

Delivery Protocols

  • Please be outside waiting at the bus stop up to ten minutes earlier than the estimated bus arrival time.  
  • In order to minimize contact, staff delivering food will not be handing the meal bags directly to you.  If you would prefer the bags of food not be placed on the ground, please consider bringing a box to the bus stop for the bags to be placed in.  
  • Please wait outside for the food arrival but remain six feet or more away from the location for food drop off.


A delivery order form will be available daily at 2:00 pm and needs to be completed by 7:00 am on the day of delivery.  


Order Delivery

Orders for the day close at
7:00 am Monday and Wednesday

Order form reopens at 2:00 pm
for the next delivery day.