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Biotechnology Course Descriptions


Course# 213, Grades 10-12, 2 Credits, Year

Biomedical Science 1 is a two-year program for students interested in pursuing a major or career in the medical sciences, biotechnology and many affiliated fields. This is a very hands-on program where you will learn skills and techniques in our state-of-the-art laboratory while preparing you for these high-demand jobs. In Biomedical Science 1 you will focus on microbiological techniques such as aseptic technique, growing culture, media preparation, microbial genetics and identification. You will also study techniques in DNA manipulation, cell culture, protein, purification, drug discovery, bioinformatics, and much more. The work completed in this course rivals most undergraduate programs. If you enjoy the sciences in a hands-on laboratory environment, then this course is for you! Biomedical Science 1 fulfills the life science/biology requirement.

Prerequisite: Grade of C or better in Earth & Space Science or Integrated Science.


Course# 207 , Grades 11-12, 2 Credit (RS), Year

Biomedical Science 2 focuses on advanced topics and skills related to biomedical science, biochemistry, and biotechnology. You will further your skills in areas including recombinant DNA technology, protein production, purification, DNA 'barcoding', and plant and animal cell culture techniques. As experienced scientists, you are given the opportunity to gain experience working independently on a number of long term research projects. This course qualifies for 3 college credits in biotechnology.


Prerequisite: Grade of C or better in Biomedical Science 1.

NH Science and Engineering Expo


SHS proud moment…….Elizabeth Aldrich and Jeanna Bernard did excellent competing at the New Hampshire Science and Engineering Expo (NHSEE) on March 21, 2019.  

Congratulations to Jeanna Bernard for winning a $1500 scholarship to the New Hampshire Academy of Sciences to attend their summer research program. 




Elizabeth Aldrich

Jeanna Bernard


Alicia Hazard

Alicia Hazard graduated from UNH with the BS in Biology and a minor in Microbiology. Soon after graduation she got a job working as a microbiologist for Wyeth (now Pfizer) Pharmaceuticals. She worked at Wyeth for seven years and learned many valuable lab skills and techniques. After several years working, she realized that she had two loves….The first one is science and the second one is teaching others about science. Alicia decided to go back to school and get her Master’s Degree in Education. She finished her degree, left the lab and came to teach at Salem High School. Alicia designed the Microbiology course based on her college and work experience from the Biotechnology company. Come play in the lab with Alicia!

Matthew Parker

Matt Parker received a bachelor’s degree in chemistry and biology from the University of Delaware, and a PhD in medicinal chemistry from the University of Connecticut. After several years of academic research in protein biochemistry and biophysical chemistry, he worked for 20 years in the biotech industry in the Boston area. He has always enjoyed training and mentoring younger scientists, so he decided to do this full-time and pass on his experience to the next generation. The Biomedical Sciences program uses equipment and methods that are exactly the same as those used in academic and industrial labs, and the students have the opportunity to get a realistic and relevant education in state-of-the-art science.