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Mr. Scott Kukshtel

Mr. Kukshtel comes to Salem High with experience teaching Engineering, CADD, Robotics, Object-Oriented Programming, and Shop Technologies.

He came to teaching after a varied 30-year career in civil, environmental, electrical, software and computer engineering: "In developing my lesson plans, I draw from multiple curricular resources as well as my own extensive experiences and knowledge in an attempt to engage students in meaningful learning. I constantly re-evaluate my instructional materials and plans in order to keep abreast of the latest technologies and developments in the field."

One of the best ways he has found to connect the classroom to the real world is via the study of robotics. He has taught introductory robotics classes using LEGO and Vex components, and has founded award-winning FIRST LEGO League and FIRST Robotics Challenge teams. These teams have provided multiple opportunities for his students to take lessons from the classroom and apply them to challenging real-life situations.

Mr. Kukshtel is also a founder and key organizer of the New Hampshire TechFest, a free public event that brings in cutting-edge technical industry representatives to conduct hands-on activities and demonstrations of their latest products and processes. The experience serves to inspire and educate students about potential STEM careers, as well as motivate them to better dedicate their studies to the subjects they will need to succeed in those careers. (


Computer Aided Drafting And Design


COMPUTER-AIDED DRAFTING & DESIGN 1 Course # 805 Grade 10-11 CR 2 Y Students in CADD 1 will develop an understanding, and gain hands on experience in the practical use of the basic and intermediate skills needed to produce printable drawings utilizing AutoCAD software. The course will concentrate on two and three dimensional drafting and design for architecture and engineering. Topics include single and multiview projection, three dimensional wireframe and solid modeling, general and industry-accepted standards for dimensioning and detailing, along with color and photo-realistic rendering.

COMPUTER-AIDED DRAFTING & DESIGN 2 Course # 807 Grade 11-12 CR 2 Y CADD 2 will focus on advanced skills and practices used in AutoCAD while expanding on the knowledge that was learned in the level 1 course. The student will also be instructed in the use of AutoCAD Architecture and Autodesk Revit, both used in industry for architectural designs and layouts, and Autodesk Inventor, which is used for engineering designs. CNC machining and three-dimensional prototype printing will also be explored. Prerequisite: Grade of B or better in Computer Aided Drafting & Design 1 or teacher recommendation.