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Instructor Profile

Joelle Henry 

Joelle Henry graduated from WPI with a Bachelor’s in Electrical Engineering. She went on to get a Master’s program at Northeastern University. She is currently in a Masters in Education program at UNH.

After working as a software engineer for GE for almost ten years, she decided to take a leave from work to stay home with her five children. During this time she home schooled her children and also helped run and teach co-ops of other homeschool children. It was during this time that she realized her love for teaching, which made this her obvious career choice when re-entering the workforce.  After teaching  high school math and educational technology, she was excited to be given the opportunity to teach computer science. Her career as a software engineer gave her a lot of experience with programming methods and the software development life cycle, which she passes on to her students.

Ms. Henry has a love of all things technical, especially programming, cybersecurity, machine learning, and AI. She is constantly researching these topics and sharing what she learns with her students to keep them up to date on the latest technologies.  Her goal is to make the learning environment, and the topics she teaches, relevant to today’s workplace, and to prepare her students for success in the workplace or higher education.