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Computer Programming: Home

Course Descriptions


Course # 956, Grades 10-12, 1 Credit (RS), Semester

This course will introduce you to the basic elements of website construction. You will gain experience scripting HTML 5.0 code with an emphasis on the application of CSS (cascading style sheets) and the design aspect of web development. You will also be introduced to web editing software after acquiring a thorough understanding of raw HTML code and CSS. As a capstone project, you will create your own websites through application of the competencies acquired during the course.



Course# 957, Grades 10-12, 1 Credit, Semester

This course introduces you to computer program design. No prior knowledge of programming is necessary. This course focuses on structured design of code with variables, decisions, loops, functions, arrays and introduction of pointers. You will use professional programming design approaches and coding style in laboratory assignments. Completion of this course provides the programming design skills to continue on with the study of C++ and game design.