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Jane Kublbeck

Jane A. Kublbeck has been teaching at Salem High School since 1981.  She is currently teaching FACS – Life After SHS, Clothing, Advanced Clothing, Interior Decorating, Introduction to Foods and Human Development & Relationships.  Mrs. Kublbeck has three children that have graduated from  Salem High School.

Natalie graduated from UNH in 2012 with a degree in Pre Veterinary Degree.  Jill graduated from Northeastern in 2014 with a Chemistry/Biology Degree.  Timothy is currently attending Northern Essex Community College for Accounting.  Mrs. Kublbeck enjoys her family and friends and is a huge fan of the Red Sox.  She also enjoys cooking and sewing. Jane loves to read history, mystery, adventure and poetry.  Her favorite authors are Danielle Steele and David Baldacci.



Cindy Lee

Cindy Lee has been teaching at SHS since 1988.  She is currently teaching Intro to Foods, Gourmet Desserts, Healthy Cuisine and International Cuisine.  She earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Family Consumer Science/Secondary Education from Olivet University.  Mrs. Lee lives in Salem, NH with her husband and youngest daughter Michelle.  She enjoys spending time with family and traveling to Florida to visit her oldest daughter Megan and her family which includes three beautiful grandsons!  All- time favorites are shelling on the Gulf coast of Florida, fishing and camping with family.







Family And Consumer Science



Course # 749, Grades 9-12, 1/2 Credit, Quarter

In this course, you develop and refine advanced skills and competencies in clothing design and fabrication such as: facing, zippers, hems, and advanced seam finishes. You will learn about sleeve styles, necklines, waistlines, and hemlines.

Prerequisite: Clothing and Fashion Design.



Course# 747, Grades 9-12, 1/2 Credit, Quarter

In this course, you develop the skills and competencies of clothing construction, textiles and fashion design. You are required to purchase patterns, fabric, and notions of your choice in order to complete three projects (financial assistance is available). You will demonstrate competency in the areas of fabric types, fabric care, pattern instructions and layout, operation of sewing machines, and construction using seam finishes. A research project and presentation of a clothing designer of your choice is required.



Course # 735, Grades 10-12, 1/2 Credit, Quarter

In this course, you apply the skills and competencies from Introductory Foods to the area of dessert preparation. Topics of study include: pastries, puff pastries, cakes, chocolate, candies and cake decorating. Specific projects of student interest will be assigned as part of this course. Students participating in the SHS Culinary Arts program find this course helpful in their career pursuit. Emphasis is placed on utilizing presentation techniques.



Course# 739, Grades 9-12, 1/2 Credit, Quarter

In Healthy Cuisine, you learn about nutrients and nutrition and how they relate to your daily diet. The course focuses on the investigation and application of healthy cooking principles. You will enjoy designing your own recipes during the mystery labs. Topics include: recipe substitutions to make healthier versions, health concerns, vegetarian diets, and fad diets. Students interested in careers in nutrition, family and consumer science, or dietary counseling find this course to be useful.

Prerequisite: C+ or better in Introductory Foods.



Course# 744, Grades 11-12, 1/2 Credit, Quarter

This is an excellent course if you are interested in careers in childcare or elementary education and for future parents and caregivers. Topics of study include: understanding you, relationships and families, communication skills, family challenges, preparing for children, meeting children’s needs and parenting skills. The curriculum provides reinforcement of concepts through real life application and supplementary reading. Use of the baby simulator is optional.



Course# 745, Grades 9-12, 1/2 Credit, Quarter

This course is helpful for students pursuing a career in design or architecture. You will learn basic design and applications of interior decorating. Topics covered include: human needs and home design, elements and principles of design, housing styles, lighting, window treatments, floor and wall coverings, drawing floor plans, furniture styles and designs, kitchen designs, and traffic patterns. The final exam is a portfolio presentation of all concepts taught during the quarter.


Course# 737, Grades 9-12, 1/2 Credit, Quarter

Students in this course develop an understanding of the nature of food preparation in different countries and regions. You learn how regional and cultural differences impact eating habits and food preparation. Authentic ingredients and recipes will be used throughout the course. Topics include: foods from China, Italy, Mexico, France, Germany, Spain and other countries. Prerequisite: Introductory Foods.INTRODUCTORY FOODS Course# 733, Grades 9-12, 1/2 Credit, QuarterIntroductory Foods teaches the fundamental skills required for planning and preparing a variety of basic food items. You are introduced to over 65 new recipes. Through class instruction and laboratory experience, you actively learn about nutrition, budgeting and quality food preparation. You will also learn about the benefits and risks of current nutritional habits.



Course# 742, Grades 10-12, 1/2 Credit, Quarter

In this course, you learn the basic consumer skills needed to succeed in life after high school. The following topics will be covered: apartment seeking, personal finance, credit, car buying and insurance, as well as life and health insurance. Valuable, realistic consumer information will be addressed.