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CTE Information from the Director

When is the first day of class?

Our CTE classes begin on Wednesday, September 2nd.  I am told that busses will be running from both Timberlane and Windham high schools.  We strongly encourage all students to begin on the first day of classes in order to not fall behind.

Do I need to pick up masks?

All students are required to arrive on the first day of class wearing a face mask.  Upon entry, we will issue each student 5 cloth face masks.  Students are required to wear their mask at all times unless seated at desks or tables that are equipped with a Plexiglas shield where a student can remove their mask if facing forward.  Students must wear their masks while riding the bus as well.  Our complete safety plan and other opening information can be accessed at

Will my son/daughter be directed to their class on the first day?

On the first day of arrival, returning level 2 students will go directly to class after receiving their 5 masks. All new students will be greeted upon entry and receive an orientation meeting with our CTE Coordinator, Shannon Tarr, and myself.  We will introduce ourselves, welcome students, answer any questions, hopefully, alleviate any anxieties, and distribute an informational packet and requisite paperwork that needs to be completed by both parents and students.  Students will, subsequently, be brought to their classroom by a student or faculty member.

Where do I enter the building?

Students will enter through the CTE entrance on Geremonty Drive.  The outer door is open and then there is a buzzer to the left of the interior set of doors to request entry.

Can my son or daughter drive to Salem CTE?

Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate student drivers due to a lack of available parking.  Your home schools will provide details about bussing and schedules.

What if I am driving my son or daughter?

Students can be dropped off and picked up in the proximity to the main entrance of Salem High School on Geremonty Drive.  We anticipate a high volume of student drop-offs in the morning so anticipate traffic in the drop off loop.  The first class begins at 7:30 am, so plan accordingly.  Pick up is in the same location.

Click for and Aerial view of drop off location and CTE entrance.

Class Schedule:

Block 1                                                                        7:30-8:57

Block 2                                                                        9:05-10:32

Block 3                                                                        11:10-12:40

Block 4                                                                        12:46-2:15

Is there an online option for CTE?

We are attempting to provide a synchronous(real-time class) learning option for students through a live video link via Zoom.  The challenge we face is massive backorders and shipping delays on the available hardware and can’t guarantee that it will be ready to go on day one.  Students will be able to join the class remotely; however, teachers will not be providing a separate online class.  While some aspects of class such as direct instruction, discussions, and demonstrations will be easier to stream than others, it won’t always be possible to stream the entire class.  The challenge with online CTE involves the highly hands-on, skills-based programs we offer, and some programs will be easier to facilitate remotely than others.  We will do our best to provide online opportunities but will be challenged to match the quality of the in-person experience.  All teachers will have a Google classroom so that students can access and submit assignments. 

How do I access Google classroom?

Due to the nature and set up of Google classroom, students will need to have a Salem CTE account.  For students attending in-person, this information will be furnished on the first day of class.  The student username is the first 2 initials of the first name and the last name followed by (eg. Sally Doe would be  Remote students will receive an email with their username, password, and instructions on joining their teacher’s Google classroom.