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2023-2024 Digital Tools Support: Screencastify

  • The SSD subscribes to the premium version of Screencastify
  • All students and staff have access to Screencastify as a Chrome Extension
  • If you don't see it to the right of the address bar, make sure you are logged in to your NHSAU57 account, and check the gray puzzle piece dropdown to see if you need to "pin" it


Screencastify Overview

Getting Started - Slide Tutorials

1. Overview Tutorial
2. Share a Video from Google Drive (Not the Watch Page) - Teachers & Students
Middle and High School must use this method.
Elementary is encouraged to use Screencastify Submit.

Screencastify Submit - Elementary Schools

Screencastify & YouTube - Written Tutorials

To upload a Screencast to YouTube, you first need to create a YouTube Channel.  

Upload Screencastify video to YouTube: