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SAU Directory: Contacts

Maura Palmer
(603) 893-7040

Assistant Superintendent for Academics & Support
Tracy Collyer
(603) 893-7040

Assistant Superintendent for Business Operations
Deborah Payne
(603) 893-7040

Director of Student Services
Angela Markley
(603) 893-7040

Director of Maintenance
Garrett MacAskill
(603) 893-7040

Director of Human Resources
Cindy Palermo
(603) 893-7040

Director of Literacy
Tara Bazydlo
(603) 893-7040

Director of Food Service
Elizabeth Bistany
(603) 893-7077

Director of Finance
Darlene Mann
(603) 893-7040

Director of Mathematics (K-8)
Brad St. Germain
(603) 893-7040

Chief Information Officer
David Hasbany
(603) 893-7069 x5700

Director of K-12 Performing Arts and Seifert Performing Arts Center
Lauren Peithmann
(603) 893-7069 x5601

General Contact Info

Mailing Address:

Salem School District
38 Geremonty Drive
Salem, NH 03079


Main Office: (603) 893-7040
Main FAX: (603) 893-7080

Office Hours:

M-F (7:30am - 4:30pm)