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SHS Performing Arts Department to DISNEY WORLD

Dec. 28th, 2022-Jan. 2, 2023

Check back here for all the latest on this exciting opportunity! 



Correspondence home about the trip!

Parent Info Meeting

Missed our Parent Info Meeting?

No problem! See the video of our meeting below, and then read the FAQ's in the column on this page. 

Submit your contract and deposit to reserve your spot on the trip!

FAQ's about TRIPS


How do our instruments and luggage get to Florida and back?

We run a tractor-trailer truck down a few days in advance of our flights that will have our instruments, luggage, and other equipment. Your instrument and suitcase will meet you in Florida! 

Can we play/sing in more than one group?

We do not have direct control over when Disney will schedule our performances, but we plan to make every effort to allow for students to perform in more than one group if they wish. 

Can I travel with my family to Florida but not be a chaperone? What will that cost?

Our travel agent will create a "Booster" package for families who would like to travel to Florida and participate in some aspects of the trip, but not chaperone. Once we have that information we will share it with you. We love having families join us for some or all of the fun! 

Where will we stay? What will we do?

We will stay in a hotel off Disney property. We will fly down and back to Florida, and travel by charter bus when we are in Florida. We'll go to at least three Disney parks, and also spend a day at Universal. Pending our audition, we also hope to perform and participate in Disney workshops while we are in Florida. 

How can I offset the cost of my trip? What financial aid or help do you provide?

If you need help with the cost of the trip, please reach out to any of our staff members. Students can offset the costs of the trip by participating in ongoing fundraising through our Parent booster organization, the Performing Arts Music Club. Learn more about their organization at their website HERE. 

What kind of medical care/attention is provided?

We will travel with at least one nurse, if not two, on this trip. A week before the trip, we will meet as a group, and at that meeting, you'll be able to meet with the nurses to discuss any medical concerns you have, turn over medication or directions, and double-check your medical information. 

In addition to our nurses, each park and location has a First Aid station with qualified staff. When we arrive in a park, we check in first thing with that office and share staff contact information in case a student is ill or sick during the day, so the First Aid staff can contact an SHS staff member right away. 

How can I be a chaperone? What do I need to do if I'm a chaperone?

We love parent/guardian chaperones to join us on trips! If you're a chaperone, it's expected that you would participate in every aspect of the trip with the students, including group travel, group dinners and activities, and stay in the hotel with our students. You'll be assigned a small group of students to be "yours" throughout the trip, to check in with them periodically throughout the day, make sure they arrive at breakfast and at the bus on time, and check them into their rooms at lights out. You will also take a few nighttime shifts for supervision, and may be asked to stay back at the hotel with students who are sick or need additional attention. If you're interested in chaperoning, please contact a staff member right away! 

I have more questions. Who can help?

Please feel free to email any one of our staff members! We will get right back to you. 

Marty Claussen, Band Director,

Julia Horaj, Chorus Director,

Stephen Poirier, Strings Instructor,

Lauren Peithmann, Director of Performing Arts,