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Mrs. Earle's K and 1 Art Class: Kindergarten

Ms. Earle's Kindergarten Art Class

Welcome to Art

What we're doing in class


Finish up day! 

5/31- 6/4:

Classes are coloring their  watermelon drawings annd getting ready for a spiral flower drawing. 


Some classes begin to outline and color symmetrical shapes on butterfly where as other classes are ready to begin drawing the next guided drawing of watermelon slices.


Use markers to outline large butterflies then use coloring supplies to color geometric shapes symmetrically. 


Students will begin to apply what they learned about symmetry from last weeks lesson and apply it to our large butterflies. We will be designing, cutting and using geometric shapes to create our own symmetrical butterflies. The goal of todays art will be to design, cut and start some of the shape work. 



Students who will see me on the remote day 5/3 will have a guided list of drawing prompts to follow. Two of my kinder classes are completing their symmetrical butterfly lesson. One class is completing their spring bunny coloring and one kinder class is moving on to a new lesson about watermelons. 


Students will be working on the coloring of their spring bunny portrait using marker and crayon. A few classes are ready to begin talking about symmetry and start designing their symmetrical butterfly project. 


Students will be working on day 1 of beginning to draw their spring bunny or on day two of their spring bunny where they are adding sharpie lines then coloring the bunny. 

4/5- 4/9: 

Classes are working to finish the color wheel shape bunny or classes are continuing to draw their realistic springtime bunny portrait. 


Soule kinder kids are working on the color wheel bunny. Lancaster students are working on drawing a large portrait of a bunny surrounded by tall grass. 


3/15- 3/19:

Color wheel and Shape Bunny lesson!


3/8- 3/12:

Collage art with the exception of 3/9 who will be doing a remote art scavenger hunt online. 



Continue collage of robots!



Begin collage Robots! A lot of cutting and gluing friends!


2/8- 2/12:

Students will work on large scale drawing paper and use tempera paint sticks to add color and work with a different medium of paint sticks. Together we will work to blend and overlap/mix colors. 


Week of 2/1-2/5:

Students will be working on different steps of their heart grid (depending on the class and building) but all classes are learning about using a ruler and practicing making vertical and horizontal lines for their heart grid art. 


Week of Jan 25-29

Students will finish their owl and heart dog at soule school. At lancaster the students will begin their heart grid.


Week of Jan 18-22:

18-19: No School (MLK and Teacher Workshop) 

20-22: Students will begin to follow guided directions to create a drawing of a dog using only heart shapes. If time allows we will use coloring tools to add color to our artwork. 


Week of Jan 11-15:

Students at Soule will begin to draw an owl using guided directions whereas students at lancaster will continue to color their owl drawing. 


Week of Jan 4-5: Remote students at Soule:

Students will be listening to a book called "A Bad Case of Stripes" and doing a drawing of themselves with a bad case of stripes. 


Jan 6-8: Pettys class and Lancaster ( in person ):

Students will begin an owl drawing and listen to the book "A Bad Case of Stripes" 


Week of Dec 14-18:

Students will work on following guided directions to do a winter tree drawing using geometric shapes. After the drawing they will transition to coloring and decorating their tree drawing. 


Week of December 7-11: 

Students will outline and color their gingerbread houses. If time allows, they may also color and take home one of my gingerbread house photocopies. 


Week of November 30-Dec 4:

Students will be starting a gingerbread drawing this week!


Week of November 23-24:

Soule: Mondays Classes will be ready to draw their turkey after finishing their dragons last week. Tuesdays classes will be ready to color their dragons.

Lancaster: I will not see my lancaster students due to the holiday break. 


Week of November 16-20: 

Some classes are ready this week to begin a guided turkey drawing. After they draw and color their turkey, I will provide them with my turkey drawing photocopied for them to color as well. 


Week of November 9-13:

Students will complete any coloring on their bat drawing from the previous week, if necessary. They will then transition into the guided directions to follow along as we draw our dragons (only one of my 5 classes was able to begin this drawing)!


Week of November 2-6: 

Students will be finishing their bat drawings then beginning to add fur texture before coloring!


Week of October 26- 30: 

Students will follow guided directions to draw and color a bat. I will read aloud the book Stellaluna to the Kinder kids and together we will follow a series of guided directions to draw our artwork. 


Week of October 19-23: 

Students will use todays art class to play "catch up!" We currently have three projects (pattern pumpkins, self portraits and emotions/faces pumpkin handout) that friends need to work on completing in different classes. The goal will be to bring home all three of these projects this week.


Week of October 12-16:

There is no school for Columbus Day observance on monday the 12th. However, all of my kinder kids will be adding color to their line pumpkins. 


Week of October 5-9:

Students will follow my guided drawing direction at the board for how to draw a 3D pumpkin. We will then watch three different 2 minute videos on Types of Lines. Following the short videos we will begin practicing our own types of lines. Each section of the pumpkin we will fill with Types of Lines. If time allows, we will practice outlining our artwork. Next week we will continue to work on this project. 


Week of September 28- October 2: 

Together we will listen along to the book called, "Feelings" by Todd Parr and then go back to our seats to work on a portrait of our self that shows how we are feeling today! Any students who need more time to complete the pumpkins from last week may also finish coloring their pumpkin drawing! 


Week of September 21-25: 

Together we will listen along to two books about "types of facial expressions" called, "How are you peeling?"  by Saxton Freymann and "Feelings" by ALIKI. After listening, we will use a handout with 12 pre-drawn pumpkins to practice drawing different facial expressions using shapes. We will give our pumpkin's eyes, nose and mouth shapes that make the pumpkin look happy, mad and sad; to name a few. Together we will practice drawing shapes then color our pumpkins! Happy Fall. 


Week of September 14-18: 

Together we begin art with two book read alouds! The books are called, "All Are Welcome" by Alexandra Penfold and "Maybe Something Beautiful" by F. Isabel Campoy.

Students will begin to draw six birds on a branch using guided directions. They will use a series of lines and shapes to create their birds. Then, we will learn about the color wheel and color each bird for the colors of the color wheel/rainbow. 


Week of September 2-11:

Students will be drawing "get to know me" pictures as they meet their art teacher and learn about what to expect this year in art!