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Literacy Curriculum Resource Site: Home

"Do the best you can until you know better.  Then, when you know better, do better." ~Maya Angelou


Welcome to the SSD Literacy Curriculum Guide.  Here you will find grade-level common units of study, with some sample focus lesson plans for each unit.  In addition, you'll find an instructional calendar to guide your pacing of these units throughout the year, and some answers to frequently asked questions. This site is a work in progress, because good curriculum, like good teaching, is always evolving, changing and adapting.  



A Vision for Literacy Learning

The Salem School District understands that a literate person thinks and communicates through reading, writing, speaking, listening, presenting, and viewing using a variety of print and technological tools to lead a fulfilling life in our changing world. All students enter our schools with diverse literacy experiences that are honored and expanded through purposeful, differentiated instruction by all Salem School District staff members. Our schools foster a collaborative community for active, responsible, life-long learning.