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Emergency Response Protocols: Emergency Response Protocols

2022-23 Emergency Response Protocols

Guidelines and protocols for fire, active threats, and secure campus situations.

The Salem School District has adopted a revised set of Emergency Response Protocols that will be practiced throughout the 2022-23 school year. Responses to fire, bus, and other internal/external emergency situations remain similar to previous years. A new "Run, Hide, Fight" strategy will be added to these drills to provide options during an Active Threat situation. These changes were developed by school officials working closely with emergency response professionals within the Salem Fire and Police Departments.

Fire Evacuation

Students and staff will be trained on building evacuation procedures in the event of a fire in order to quickly locate exits and evacuate to a designated location. Attendance will then be taken along with any additional instructions.

Active Threat

In the event of an active threat, students and staff will rehearse three potential responses. These will be presented and practiced in developmentally-appropriate ways based on the age/level of the student. For younger students or those with special needs, the decisions and actions for each scenario will be made by the teacher/adult on their behalf.

  • Run

When a threat is identified as being in another location, the best option may be for students and staff to quickly leave another location using the nearest and safest exit. Drills will focus on situational awareness and identification of near and secondary exits.

  • Hide

When the location of the threat is near or unknown, the best option may be for students and staff to take shelter where they are securing the classroom by locking and barricading doors, turning off lights, and silencing cell phones. Drills will focus on situational awareness and determining how to best secure the location and seek available hiding spots.

  • Fight

When the threat is imminent, running and hiding may not be the safest option. As a last resort, students and staff can opt to fight back against the threat. In most cases, such as the lower grade levels, teachers/staff will take the lead in this scenario. Drills will focus on situational awareness and potential options for neutralizing the threat.

Secure Campus

Situations may occur that require all students and staff to take shelter inside the school building. Drills throughout the year will focus on situational awareness and procedures for staying in classrooms or returning to the building, depending on the specific location of the issue.

  • Inside

When a situation occurs within the school, students and staff will remain inside the building.

  • Outside

When a situation occurs outside the school, students and staff will return back into the school building.

Bus evacuation drills are conducted by First Student in conjunction with bus drivers and school officials and are thus not covered here.

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