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Exploring Genres: Poetry

What is Poetry?

  • A form of writing that expresses an idea or feeling
  • Written in verse or lines
  • There is often a rhythm or rhyme in the combination of words
  • Poems often use imagery to help the reader feel or see
  • There are many different types of poetry with specific formats like Haiku, Diamante, Acrostic, etc.
  • Anyone can write a poem!

Novels in verse

Novels in verse tell a story through the format of poetry.

Poetry Books in our Library

The call number for poetry in the library is 811.
Here's a few favorites:

Try Magnetic Poetry


Click on the picture to make a copy of the Magnetic Poetry Jamboard.

1 minute video directions HERE

Poem in Your Pocket Day is April 29, 2022

Click on this template to make a poem in your pocket slide.

From Print one of these poems and illustrate it.  Put it in your pocket or give it to someone on April 29, 2022.

Fun with Shel Silverstein

Poetry Writing with Kwame Alexander