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Salem School District Facility Requests: Home

STEP 1: Review Available Space

Click to access the CommunityUse Calendar:

Facility Request System

Salem Schools is now taking facility requests online through our CommunityUse calendar and request system. You can enroll online and enter requests for after-hours facility usage by following the steps outlined on this page.

STEP 2: Create an Account

After reviewing available space, create an account by clicking on the "Log in to Request Facility Use" link in the upper right hand corner. 

At the Login screen, click on the "Create One" link to set up your reservation account.

Click here to read more about the registration process.



STEP 3: Request Facility Use

After you set up your account and log in, you can submit a Facilities Use Request.

Click here for detailed information on the request process.

Need Help?

Phone help:
Call Darlene Mann at 603-893-7040 

Email help: