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Fisk School: Fisk Staff Directory

Fisk Staff Directory


Last Name First Name Title
Adaschik Deanne Grade 3 Teacher
Adriaansen Angelique

Reading Specialist

Baldridge Darlene SPED Assistant
Bennett Merissa SPED Assistant
Bolduc Tony Physical Education Teacher
Boscketti Nicole Grade 3 Teacher
Brooks Alli Elementary Coordinator
Buono Hayley SPED Assistant
Caracci Jessica Grade 1 Teacher
Carino Brenda Administrative Assistant
Carter Jennifer ABC Teacher
Coffey Nicole SPED Assistant
Connal Susan Physical Education Teacher
Conte Lori Food Services
Corredor Mary Speech Pathologist
Cullinane Samantha SPED ASsistant
Dadducci Stefanie 6 Hour Office Assistant
Dippo Dan SPED Assistant
Dufour Deanna Behavior Specialist
Evans Tina SPED Assistant
El Mikawi Malak SPED Assistant
Faragi Gianna Kindergarten Teacher
Farnsworth Sheila Reading Specialist and Literacy Coach
Forcier Tammi Library Assistant
Forman Linda SPED Assistant
Fuquay Nova SPED Assistant
Gagne Katie SPED Assistant
Galvez Claudia SPED Assistant
Gauthier Greta School Guidance Counselor
Gaynor Kate Grade 5 Teacher
Gilmore Riley Kindergarten Teacher
Grande Kathleen  SPED Teacher
Gray Julie Strings Instructor
Hamlin Lisa COTA
Hammond Donna Kindergarten Instructional Assistant
Hudner Ashley Kindergarten Teacher
Kane Elizabeth ESOL Teacher
Keane Shella School Psychologist
Laflamme Samantha School Nurse
Leclair Grace Grade 2 Teacher
L'Ecuyer Kathy Grade 3 Teacher
Lindsay Heather Art Teacher
Mahoney Colleen Grade 1 Teacher
Marchena Mery SPED Assistant
Marconi Kathy SPED Assistant
Marsh Dave Head Custodian
Mashoke Kristin Grade 1 Teacher
Max Amy SPED Assistant
McDonough Kristen Band Instructor
McKenzie Kim SPED Assistant
Moldoff Amy Music Teacher
Moore Kathy SPED Assistant
Morse Chelsea ABC Teacher
Morton Melody Grade 5 Teacher
Murray George Principal
Napolitano Julie SPED Assistant
Patnaude Sarah Art Teacher
Peterson Patricia Reading Assistant
Powell Jerry SPED Assistant
Pukhitar Meagan SPED Assistant
Regan Debra Food Services
Rose Christopher Grade 4 Teacher
Sbai Latifa SPED Assistant
Schott Teresa Grade 4 Teacher
Smeltzer Cherie School Librarian
Stevenson Kristina Grade 2 Teacher
Suitter  Angela Kindergarten Instructional Assistant
Thompson Jennifer SPED Teacher
Tobin Rhonda Reading Specialist
Toomey Kelsey SPED Assistant
Trela Jennifer 3 Hour Office Assistant
Wargo Anne SPED Assistant
Williams Susan Food Services