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Food Service: Payment Options


Free & Reduced Meal Program


2021-2022 ON-LINE Applications NOW AVAILABLE




The Salem School District is pleased to announce the availability of applying for Free and Reduced Price Meals online. The process is safe, secure, private, and available anytime, anywhere. Click icon to apply:


2 Ways to Pay



Enroll online to create an account for your children, and fund it using MasterCard/VISA. It’s easy to do! All you need is their PIN/Barcode Number (supplied by the school) and their date of birth. (There is a transaction fee charged by the credit card company.)



Even if you choose not to pay online, you can still create an account to view your child’s account balance, recent purchases, and select to be notified when the balance is low.


Deposits made online by 9:00 AM will be in your child's account for lunch the same day.


If you have questions, please call at 800-479-3531.




Send in cash or checks in a Pre-payment Envelope. Envelopes will be sent home with your child, and are also available at cashier stands. Payments can be sent in any day for any amount.  Payments will be posted to your child’s account that same day if the envelope is turned in by 9:00 AM.


  • Elementary school students envelopes will be collected by the teacher in the morning.
  • Middle school students give their envelope to any cafeteria cashier.
  • High School students give their envelope to any cafeteria cashier.


Please make checks payable to: Salem School Food Service

Meal Card Details

Your child has a debit account used to track deposits and purchases. They will be given a Barcode Card which has their account number on it. This barcode is also on their student picture ID. They will use this barcode card to access their account for purchases in the cafeteria, so it is very import the student carries their card with them at all times.(Elementary school students leave their card in the classroom and it is given to the them daily if he/she is having a school meal.)