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Ms. Gray's Music Class: Kindergarten

Welcome to Music

Let's Discover Music Together!

Image by Pezibear from Pixabay

Meet your music teacher

What we're doing in class

September 28 - Oct. 2: Kindergarten students are having a great time learning and practicing steady beat. We have been identifying things around us, playing and moving to steady beats. Students tapped a steady beat to songs and poems. This week we will learn a new song and have fun with fast and slow!

September 21-25: This week in Music we will learn how to echo sing as we begin our Hello Song. Eventually students will have the opportunity to lead the song! We will review steady beat and think about things around us that make a steady beat or move in a steady beat. We'll also have fun moving and playing a steady beat to poems and some of the familiar songs we've learned.  

September 14-18: Kindergarten classes are introducing themselves and dancing and moving to with a steady beat to some fun songs!

September 2-11: Welcome to Music! Kindergarten will participate in getting to know you games and have fun with steady beat!