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Technology Support Guide for Guardians: Overview

Technology Support Guide

Helpful information for parents and guardians related to the equipment, tools, and online applications Salem School District students use every day.

District-Issued Devices

Image of a Chrome book

Learn about your responsibilities for protecting and caring for computer equipment issued to your student by the Salem School District.

Visit the Device Care and Usage page...



The Salem School District uses ParentSquare as its primary tool for parent communications. ParentSquare consolidates district, school, and teacher communications into one location and can be accessed via a web portal or a mobile app.

Visit the ParentSquare parent site for more details...

Technology Use Guidelines

Image of a phone and the Instagram App

Students are expected to use technology in a responsible manner. Visit the following pages for more information:

Social Media...
Online Safety & Security...

Student Learning Applications

Students will use a variety of online applications and resources throughout their school career.

Visit the Online Learning Applications page for more information...

Parent/Student Portals

Parents and guardians can view real-time displays of attendance, grades, and assignments through Salem School District's student information system online portal or mobile app.

View more information about the parent portal...