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Hyperdocs: Hyperdocs



Hyperdocs - a design model for facilitating lessons while remote learning.

A hyperdoc (or hyperslides) creates a one stop place for students to access materials/resources for a lesson.  The document also provides space or links to platforms for the student to demonstrate or extend their learning.  Learn more at

Hyperdoc Templates -  available to copy to your drive and adapt at

Hyperdocs Templates Google Folder

Hyperdoc Facebook group

Google Doc Examples

Google Slides Examples


Force a Copy - create a link to a Google doc, slides, etc. that will require the person to copy the document to their own drive.  Watch the tutorial. 

Linking to database articles?  Look for the toolbar icon that states permalink or bookmark when using a database.  The top URL is typically a search URL and will not work for someone else.  

Gale databases - the link can be used for a list of search results or one article.

EBSCO Databases -  one article - use the permalink icon  found in the right side tool bar or the following if you want a link back to a list of results undefined