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Kristin Iacono's Classroom: Welcome to Fifth Grade

Our Class Schedule

8:45 Morning Meeting
9:10 Special
9:50 Flex/Science
10:50 Math
11:50 Lunch/Recess
12:35 Success
1:05 Literacy 
2:50 Dismissal

SSD Curriculum Resources

Unified Arts Schedule

Monday: Library
Band Lessons

Tuesday: Music

Wednesday: Chorus

Thursday: Art
Strings Lessons

Friday: PE- Sneakers!

Birthday Celebrations

We always take time to celebrate student birthdays as close to the real date as possible, unless a student was born in the summer – then we celebrate their half-birthday. In lieu of birthday treats in the classroom, the entire fifth grade goes out for extra recess to celebrate each fifth grader’s birthday.

Snacks and Water

Snack: Students may have a working snack each day at 9:50.

Water: Please send students with a full water bottle with a tight fitting cap to prevent spills.

5th Grade Photos


Students must transport their Chromebook AND charger to and from school each day in the carrying case. They must also charge their Chromebook to 100% EVERY night. 

Mrs. Iacono

Profile Photo
Kristin Iacono
William E. Lancaster Memorial School
54 Millville Street
Salem, NH 03079


Homework assignments are listed on the weekly Must Do List (MDL). Students will slide a paper copy into the front of their home folder each Monday so assignments can be viewed easily. 

Chromebook Charging: Students are expected to charge their Chromebook to 100% EVERY night. 

Math Must Do’s: Monday through Thursday, students will be given a set of problems to solve at home. Pages are marked with “Must Do’s” and “Could Do’s.” To receive full credit, students must carefully follow directions for all Must Do problems.

Daily Reading: Please help your child build in at least 20 minutes of reading into their afternoon or evening routine. They may enjoy a picture book, chapter book, graphic novel, magazine, audiobook… the limits are endless!

Unfinished Classwork: Students who do not complete Must Do classwork tasks (including ST Math) are expected to complete them at home. Work turned in first thing the following morning will not be marked late.

Signed Must Do List (MDL): Each Friday, students will take home their personal Must Do List with all tasks from the week listed. Completed items should be checked off, late items should be checked off and highlighted yellow, and missing items should be unchecked and highlighted pink. Parents and students are expected to discuss the week’s work, sign the MDL, and return it on Monday.

Google Classroom

Google Classroom

Elementary students in Grades 2-5 will access Google Classroom with a district-issued username and password.