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InterLibrary Loan : ILL



What is interlibrary loan?

As of November 2021 SHS Library is a member of the New Hampshire State Library Automated Information Service.  This means if there is an item (book, DVD, audiobook, etc.) that we don't have in our collection, we can try to borrow if from another library in the state.  Items can also be borrowed from some NH college libraries.  Please note that items published in the last 6 months cannot be borrowed via interlibrary loan. 

What types of items can I request to borrow?

  • Books
  • Books and music on audio tape and CD
  • VHS/DVD or Blu-Rays
  • Copies of magazines articles (not full magazines) 

How long does it take? 

It varies.  If the item is available in-state it typically takes about a week. 

I think the SHS Library should have this item, can I request it be purchased? 

You bet!  See Rachel in the library or complete the online purchase request form. 


Complete the form below or see Rachel in the library to request an item from ILL.