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Library Advisory Resources: Resources



Resources provided by the library are checked out under the advisory teacher's name for one week.  

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  • Scattegories

If you have an idea for a board game, activity kit or other resource please see Rachel or complete this form.  

Bee a problem solver!

The bee ūüźĚpopulation is declining, what can you do to help?  Solve the puzzles to learn some solutions. Breakout boxes may be checked out for up to one week by an advisory.  


Available Games


Let us know what games you would like and we will deliver them.  Refer to the categories linked below or scan a list of all games available.  


Board Games
Build Something Games

Card Games
Dice Games

Get Them Talking

Learn Something New Activity Kits
Things to Throw 

Quick Games
Word Games


What is SHLeeball?



What is SHLeeball? 


Well, it's like skeeball, but it was invented in the SHS Library!  

Set-up instructions:

1) Place one piece of tape on floor 

2) Set three buckets out with point values increasing the further away from the tape they are positioned.

3) Give the first player 10 ping-pong balls (feel free to increase or decrease the number, but every player gets the same number)

4) Players rotate through with their 10 tries and the person with the highest score wins!