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LIKE: LIKE: A Documentary About the Impact of Social Media on our Lives

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Watch the Discussion

Watch a replay of a panel discussion about the film and how social media is impacting students in the Salem community.

Social Media's Impact on Students

It’s not news that social media is having a significant impact on today’s students. While there are certainly some positive aspects to it, social media has the potential to result in harmful emotional and psychological effects for our students.

The Salem School District Mental Health Team invites you to watch “LIKE”, an iNDIEFLIX documentary that explores the impact of social media on our students’ lives and the effects of technology on the brain.

In conjunction with Mental Health Awareness Month, we made this film available to Salem parents and students for online viewing for a 30-hour period.

Following the film availability, the district Mental Health Team will conducted a televised/streamed discussion panel to discuss ways to help protect and guide our students as they navigate social media platforms.

The following guests will discuss issues explored in the film and those facing Salem students surrounding social media.

Community-Based Panelists

Home-based Life Coach
Jeffrey Levin, M.A.T., M.S.W.

Life Coach/Mental Health Counselor
Kortney Yasenka, LCMHC

Salem Police Detective
Mike Geha

Salem School District Panelists

Sophomore Students
Angelina McDonald
Adriene Newton

Library Media Specialist
Cherie Smeltzer

Technology Integrator
Eric Bird

Woodbury Principal
Matt Barry

Assistant Superintendent
Tracy Collyer (Facilitator)