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Literacy: Home

Literacy Department

Literacy Vision Statement

The Salem School District understands that a literate person thinks and communicates through reading, writing, speaking, listening, presenting, and viewing using a variety of print and technological tools to lead a fulfilling life in our changing world. All students enter our schools with diverse literacy experiences that are honored and expanded through purposeful, differentiated instruction by all Salem School District staff members. Our schools foster a collaborative community for active, responsible, life-long learning.

Literacy Contacts

Tara Bazydlo
Director of Literacy

Barron Elementary School
Alison Manning
Reading Specialist

Salem High School
Stephen Goyette
Humanities Director 

Fisk Elementary School
Sheila Farnsworth
Reading Specialist
Woodbury Middle School
Kim Boothroyd
Reading Specialist
Lancaster Elementary School
Charlotte Gillespie
Reading Specialist


North Salem Elementary School
Katelyn Somers
Reading Specialist

Soule Elementary School
Courtney Dempsey
Reading Specialist