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Literacy: Title I

Title One

What is Title I?

Title I is a federally funded program which is part  of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act.

How are schools selected to be Title I?
The percentage of free-lunch students determines whether or not a school is eligible to receive the added resources of Title I funding.
Which Salem School District schools receive Title I funds?
Soule,and Fisk Elementary Schools qualify for Title I funds.
How are students selected to receive Title I Services?
Students who are below grade-level in reading or math are identified through teacher referral and a review of data from the administration of assessments used regularly throughout the District: K-5 is the Benchmark Assessment System, iReady Diagnostic Assessment and Smarter Balanced Assessment.

How is Title I Funding used in Salem’s Schools?
Adhering to Federal parameters for the use of Title I money, Salem uses the funds to:

  • Hire part-time teachers and highly qualified paraprofessionals who provide supplementary reading instruction to qualifying students at the elementary schools
  • Purchase additional instructional materials
  • Purchase support materials for students to take home
  • Provide professional development to Title I staff
  • Offer extended year and/or extended day programming when funding is available                                                

What are the key concepts of Title I?

Supplementary -- Services must be in addition to reading instruction with the classroom teacher.

Coordination -- Supplementary instruction is coordinated with classroom instruction. It is designed to re-teach, reinforce, or remediate. Instruction may also be for the purpose of introducing or pre-teaching a skill, concept or vocabulary that will be presented in class.

Communication -- Communication between and among teachers and specialists. Communication with parents.

Parent Involvement -– Parents receive Progress Reports from Title I teachers, Monthly Newsletters with suggestions for helping their child, and are invited to school-based informational activities.  Materials are sent home for parents to use with their child. Title I teachers are also available for conferences with parents.