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Matthews College Prep Chem: Chemical Reactions

Chemical Reactions

See Chapter 11 of the textbook.


Practice Sites

Types of Reactions Demo Videos

Learning Targets

  1. I can identify the reactants and the products in a chemical equation.
  2. I can balance a chemical equation.
  3. I can write a formula equation when given a word equation, including all appropriate symbols.
  4. I can write a word equation when given a formula equation.
  5. I can classify a chemical reaction as one of the five possible types of reactions (synthesis, decomposition, single replacement, double replacement, or combustion).
  6. I can predict the products of a chemical reaction if given the reactants.
  7. I can predict whether or not a single replacement reaction will occur using the activity series.
  8. I can use the activity series to determine which elements are more reactive than others.
  9. BONUS: I can use a solubility chart and the periodic table to determine whether the reactants and products in a chemical reaction are solids, liquids, gases, or aqueous.