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Matthews HC1: Unit 3

resource for honors chem 1 students

Unit 3

Chemical Reactions


Learning Targets


  1. Identify the reactants and the products in a chemical equation.
  2. Convert a word equation to a chemical equation.
  3. Convert a chemical equation to a word equation.
  4. Balance a chemical equation.
  5. Classify a chemical reaction as one of the 5 major types.
  6. Give the names and formulas for the hydrocarbons which have (1-10) carbon atoms.
  7. Give the names and formulas for the alcohols which have (1-10) carbon atoms.
  8. Write the balanced chemical equation for the combustion of a hydrocarbon or alcohol.
  9. Give an example from class demonstrations  for each of the 5 major types of reactions.
  10. Use an activity series to determine if a single replacement reaction will take place.
  11. Arrange a series of metals in order of activity based on a set of reaction data.(class exp’t)
  12. Write a balanced chemical equation for a single replacement reaction.

Types of Reactions Demo Videos

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