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Matthews HC1: Unit 5

resource for honors chem 1 students

Unit 5

Reactions in Solution

Learning Targets

I can _____.

1)explain how  an ionic compound dissolves and relate the process to the formation of hydration shells.

2)explain how a conductivity indicator can be used to distinguish between a weak acid and a strong acid.

3)identify a compound as a nonelectrolyte, weak electrolyte, or strong electrolyte based on its formula.

4)use the solubility rules to determine if a compound will dissolve in water.

5)write the balanced ionic equation for the dissolving of an ionic compound in water.

6)given the names of the reactants, write the molecular equation, complete ionic equation, and net ionic equation for each of the following reaction types:

Precipitate formation        Gas Production        Neutralization   Weak Acid  Formation     

7)write the name of an acid if given its formula.

8)write the formula for an acid if given its name.

9)explain how to create a solution of specified volume and molarity.

10)determine the molarity of each ion in a solution of specified molarity.

11)apply the formula………  # moles = MV to solve a  practical problem.