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Roberta Maynard's Classroom: Welcome to Second Grade


Welcome to our second grade web page! I have had a great first few days getting to know your children.  We spent time last week learning about each other and new routines in the classroom. 

Unified Arts Schedule


Tuesday: MUSIC

Wednesday: PE

Thursday: ART


SSD Curriculum Resources

Our Daily Schedule

9:00-9:30      Intervention

9:30-9:45      morning meeting

9:45-10:30   Writers workshop 

10:30-11:15    reader's workshop

11:15-12:00     lunch & recess

12:00-12:15    recess   

12:15-12:45    st math/typing  or   s.s/Science

12:45-1:25       unified arts

       1:25-2:25         math  

2:25-2:50      phonics

2:50-3:00     clean-up & dismissal

Building A Community

On Friday students worked together in small groups (with masks on) playing "The String Game".  Each student held one string tied to one "team" rubber band.  The challenge was for all team members to pull their strings to stretch the elastic and put it around a plastic cup, then stack 3 cups in a pyramid.  This game required lots of patience an communication between teammates. Each team met the challenge at least once. Great job


Mrs. Maynard

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Google Classroom

Google Classroom

Elementary students in Grades 2-5 will access Google Classroom with a district-issued username and password.